Shima Mehri was born on the 1st of January 1980 in Tehran. Shima is the oldest child in her family. She lives in Dubai for 14 years and rides her Harley Davidson as a professional Biker. She also works as a Model and mathematic teacher.
When she was a little kid, she had traveled to Austria. She had met girls who were riding motorcycles, and this was a motivation for her to start dreaming that one day being able to ride one of her own.
In 2008 she moved to Dubai. Right after, she got her motorcycle-riding license and bought her first bike, which was Harley Davidson Sportster 803. 

In 2012 she had done her first riding challenge. She road 805 Km in 12 hours non-stop and became the first lady in GCC who did such a challenge. In 2014, she got the title of Road Captain and became the first lady in GCC to achieve such a title. In 2015 she had done her second challenge, a 1700 Km non-stop ride in 19 hours. On the 1st of April 2016, she decided to achieve the title of the first lady in the world who had ridden 2500 Km non-stop in 24 hours. But unfortunately because of the sandstorm, after 1000 km she had a dreadful accident. She got Spine Fractures. Even such a dangerous accident couldn’t stop her, and just after two months, she has started riding again. In May 2016, she became the first lady in the world who got the title of Head Road Captain.
She is still dreaming about new routes and a lot of new challenges.